For any clarification of the content of the web site of Comunica Marketing ON-Line S.L.U. (hereinafter Comunica Marketing) you can send an e-mail to info@comunicamarketing.net, or contact our customer service department via (+34) 915.045.620 or write to the following address:
Comunica Marketing On-Line S.L.
C/ Cruz del Sur 1

1. The only data that the server of Comunica Marketing automatically recognizes is the IP address, date and time of entry and exit of visitors to the web site, so these are the only data archived.

2. Comunica Marketing only offers services for companies.

3. Comunica Marketing treats the personal data of its customers as stipulated in the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data 15/99, furthermore Law 34/2002, of July 11, about society services through information and e-commerce as well as the Royal Decree-Law 14/99 on Electronic Signatures, and other applicable laws on data protection.

4. There are several ways in which you explicitly consent to cede certain personal data to Comunica Marketing:

  • By sending an e-mail addressed to Comunica Marketing requesting information about any of our products or services. We could ask for your name, surname, company name, e-mail, address as well as telephone number and cellular phone of your company to respond to your request and keep you informed about developments on our services.
  • Through an application of one of our products and/or services or products and/or services of our customers through our web site. Comunica Marketing requires, inter alia, the following data: name, surname, telephone number of fixed network or cellular, address and e-mail address as well as data from the company: company name, address, phone number, tax number, and bank details for the location of your invoices.

In both cases you explicitly allow Comunica Marketing to maintain the the commercial relation and you agree to receive information and product advertising of products and services of Comunica Marketing as well as of other companies with which Comunica Marketing maintains a business relationship, and which belong to the following sectors: food and beverage, tobacco, textiles, furniture, publishing and printing, energy, chemicals, machinery and electrical or electronic fields, telecommunications, computers and information technology, clock makers, optics, motor vehicles, construction, wholesale or retail trade, hotels, transport, tourism, financial services, entertainment, education, housing, mass consumption, automotive, non profit...

5. Comunica Marketing does not use cookies.

6. Information that Comunica Marketing collects through other channels are exclusively for administration and/or to verify the identity of the applicants of products and/or services.

7. Any customer or applicant of information of Comunica Marketing may request the amendment and deletion of their personal information by sending an e-mail to info@comunicamarketing.net, or by contacting the above address via postal message. Comunica Marketing will carry out the amendment or deletion of the data within a maximum period of 30 days from the time Comunica Marketing receives such a request.

8. Any complaint or objections should be directed to Comunica Marketing by phone (+34) 915.045.620, or by message to the ostal address. Comunica Marketing should resolve complaints or objectives within 15 days.