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• Effective email marketing: The 5 best tips to carry out an email campaign marketing effectively

The 5 best tips to carry out an email campaign marketing effectively

Despite the great advantages of email marketing for business (low cost, high conversion rates and detailed tracking of email activity results), marketing products and services by e-mail has become a professional task, partly conducted by spammers. Consumers increasingly difference between spam and permitted email and increasingly accept advertising by permitted email as a replacement to direct mail. The good news is that most people who receive permission emails open them, on average, 78% of the total. According to reports from Jupiter Research, effective email marketing campaigns can produce about nine times as much return and 18 times as much profit than achieved by postcard mailing. But managing email effectively is an art and a science. Here is a list of influencing factors, potential problems and effective solutions to keep in mind:

1. Spam: The average consumer receives more than 500 emails a week, and more than 60% is spam. Bulk mail filters, spam boxes and lists of spamers are helping, but virtually all internet users cited spam as a major concern in this regard. How do you react if you are a company that evolves email marketing campaigns? One good tactic is to make sure that your email provider has the needed permission and technology and maintains a good relationship with ISPs (Internet Service Provider). This will ensure that the emails of your campaigns enter the inbox of your recipients or subscribers, and not their junk mail folders.

2. Format of emails and images: Why do my emails appear defect or unformatted? The format of the e-mails is a growing concern among email marketing professionals, especially since some companies and providers of web-emails blocked images as a measure to combat spam. According to some studies on the email market, approximately 40% of email messages delivered are defective. How can we prevent that our online marketing actions come in erroneous? The use of appropriate technology for sending bulk e-mail can help ensure the proper delivery of the mail, regardless of the e-mail managing programs (Microsoft Outlook, Entorage, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Lotus Notes etc.) of your subscribers, this way they even read your email safely or encrypted.

3. Personalization and relevant content of the e-mails: In a recent study by the company DoubleClick, email users are 72% more likely to respond to a commercial email if the content catches their interest. Therefore it is essential to enable users to choose their interest groups and this way control what type of commercial emails they wish to receive. The most popular category of interest, according to the study, are related to promotions and products for "home".

However, your promotion will not be effective unless the user opens the email and the main reason that motivates users to open an e-mail is the issuer of a message, so it's a good idea that your company's name appears in the "from" field. Another important factor is the "subject" of e-mail. Users cite offers and interesting news as the most attractive factor, followed by notices of new products and special offers.

4. Click Through Rates and conversion: The profitability of online direct marketings activities. Now that the user has opened your e-mail and reads its contents, you wonder where the profitability is. We have some good news. Consumers are increasingly likely to purchase as a direct result of a promotional email campaign. Half of the users have bought something clicking directly on an email, according to the study DoubleClick. Another 42% click on the email for more information and buy the product later. Secondly, couponing is growing: 73% of consumers have sent in a coupon online for a purchase on the Internet, and 59% have sent a coupon online to make a purchase offline. The most demanded sectors are: traveling, computer hardware and software, electronics, fashion, food, furniture, gifts/flowers and accessories for sports. All companies that send promotional emails within those categories commented that between 71% and 80% of the users have purchased their products because of an email campaign. If your company does not belong to one of these industries, don't worry because the conversion of email campaigns gets better every day.

5. Information of e-marketing activities: Who really are my buyers-consumers? The realtime follow-up of e-mail marketing gives you an insight of the behavior of your subscribers regarding the opening of emails, the purchase of a product etc. Studying the reactions of your users to online marketing actions can help you to improve and capitalize your marketing budget. According to a recent report by the company WebTrends, only 5% of professionals in interactive marketing are sure and aware of the results of their actions email, while 26% admitted knowing absolutely nothing of the results due mainly to their provider of technology that doesn't facilitate the information. Effective commercial email must be well targeted to achieve the best results.

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