E-mail marketing campaigns, marketing via email

In e-mail marketing campaigns companies use electronic mail, e-mail, as a marketing medium to communicate quickly, economically and simultaneously with all of their current and potential customers. This way they use the power of one of the best interactive medias and the potency of direct marketing, the emailing. In addition to many other advantages, t is very inexpensive, with one of our marketing campaigns it is not complicated to achieve a good result with respect to the investment employed, or ROI (Return Over Investment).

E-mail marketing and its advantages

Those companies that regularly perform e-mail campaigns using newsletters, bulletins or commercials for their current or potential customers gain comparative advantages over those companies that arrange the same by traditional mail, postal mailing or those conducting nothing at all:

The speed of preparation and sending e-mails to hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of customers or prospects. An e-mail campaign is designed, prepared and sent within 48 hours approximately. The same action carried out by postal mailing usually takes at least 15 days.

This advantage, for example, enables companies to launch "last minute offers" in order to prevent substantial stocks or in order to accomplish the monthly sales target one week before the end of the month...

E-mail messages are personalized to each recipient and may contain specific information about each recipient for instance the name, customer number, the service that is offered... For example, depending on the socio-economic profile of the customer an insurance company can include information about distinct products like insurances for life, household or car insurance...

E-mail marketing campaigns permit an exhaustive control on the results achieved in our campaign. In contrast to postal mailings where you don't know if the letter has been delivered or not, mail servers allow a company to verify if each recipient has received the e-mail or not, if the recipient accessed our web-page and even if he or she bought our product or service.

The profitability of e-mailing is generally much higher than that of other marketing activities, mainly becaue of the cost-effectiveness of sending emails. That is why it is one of the main means of our mission to achieve good results in marketing.

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E-mail database with permission

Apart from the activity of e-mailings aimed at your own customer database, you may also want to try an e-mail campaign with our mailing list collected through permission marketing (permission email marketing). The database of e-mail addresses consists of more than one million individuals, professionals and businesses across Spain, which allows your company to get through to a very broad range of clientele or execute socio-demographic segmentations by criteria such as age, sex, place of residence... to further refine the target group.

E-mail marketing in an interactive marketing campaign

The marketing actions by themselves produce a minor effect on the recipient's recollection, which fore they ought to be combined properly with several marketing actions. Contact us and we will help you integrating your e-mail campaign within your media plan online and offline, with the goal of improving the ROI of your marketing investment.