Fax Mailing Campaigns and Marketing via Fax

Fax Marketing, also known as faxing, fax mailing, fax broadcast or mass fax, uses the channel of the fax as a means of direct marketing to communicate quickly and almost simultaneously with our corporate clients or potential customers with the objective of increasing sales, attract new customers or strengthen customer loyalty of current clients. Fax Mailing is primarily used for communication between businesses, B2B (Business to Business).

Advantages of Fax Broadcast

The transmission of communications and publicity by fax, depending on an ethical or unethical application, can be very beneficial to the receptors, or may cause annoying drawbacks. The difference between effective and noneffective communications is, a person on the distribution list wishes to receive our faxes or not.

Base on this condition, faxing has enormous advantages over other communication channels, which make it very profitable for the user. Fax broadcast is fast, economical, and furthermore it can be personalized and allows you to control and measure results.

The speed of faxing is evident: in just a few minutes we can design an announcement and send it to thousands of recipients by fax mailing.

Each fax can be customized with personal data of a particular recipient, and include the name, company, the fax number etc. of each recipient. Thus, the recipient of faxing receives the adequate information. In order to customize fax marketing, the fax database should include personal data with which we personalize each fax.

Once the fax broadcast is launched, we can exhaustively keep track on the results: who has received our fax message and who has not.

Fax marketing activities are more cost-effective than those conducted by other channels of communication, such as the postal mailing. Overall, the costs of communicating with customers and potential clients will be reduced to one-tenth, if we carry out a fax mailing instead of a postal one.

If we intensify the impact of fax broadcast taking advantage of the economic efficiency to achieve our aims, the result generally is profitable. The investment we make in communications by mass faxing quickly amortizes and generates rewarding returns.

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Database of Companies to conduct Faxing

In addition to your own database of company contacts, we offer you the possibility to use our own database including fax contacts of companies across Spain for your direct marketing campaigns (appropriate for e-mail marketing, marketing fax or SMS marketing as well).

Currently our database with which your company could make a multi-distribution of fax consists of about half a million records of companies throughout Spain with fax contacts, and lets you segment by different criteria (activity of the company, geographic etc.).

Fax Broadcast within a Direct Multichannel Marketing Campaign

Fax mailing can be integrated within a direct multichannel B2B marketing strategy, so that the advantages of this channel will help to generate a greater impact on our direct marketing campaign aimed at businesses.

Make a marketing campaign on the Internet and use multichannel direct marketing to increase sales among your customers and potential clientele! Combine adequately several direct marketing channels (SMS marketing, e-mail marketing, fax marketing, telemarketing etc.) and get the best results with your direct marketing campaigns by acquiring new customers and ROI (return on investment).