SMS Marketing: Glossary of terms


• SMS Marketing

• Pull SMS

• Push SMS or SMS Premium

• Massive SMS


SMS (Short Message Service) is a service available on mobile phones that allows the sending of short messages (also known as text messages) between mobile phones. SMS was originally designed as a GSM standard digital mobile phone, but today is available on a wide variety of networks, including 3G networks.

Denominations: SMS marketing, mobile marketing, SMS platforms, SMS applications, SMS messages, transmitting SMS, SMS broadcast or transmitting massive SMS to mobiles

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SMS Marketing

Also known as SMS mailings, push or pull SMS and mobile marketing, involves sending or receiving SMS messages with the aim to market a product or service.

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Pull SMS

It is the sending of SMS or text messages to a distribution list of cell phone numbers on a massive scale. Depending on the tranmission platform individualization of each message with according data of the recipients included in the database is possible (e. g. name).

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Push SMS or SMS Premium

This involves the reception of text messages, SMS, with a short number authorized for the purpose. Usually a keyword is set for each of the promotions, which serves as an identifier of the campaign to track the object of each message received.

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Massive SMS

Through an SMS platform that are commercialized by companies like Comunica Marketing you can send a single message to an unlimited number of recipients (to thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of mobile numbers). This system is commonly used for sending advertising SMS, which also allows to personalize the message with the name of each recipient, or any other field of the database, always taking into account the limited space of SMS message of 160 characters.

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