SMS marketing campaigns, text messages

SMS marketing, SMS campaigns or transmission of SMS are short text messages, SMS, targeted at distribution lists of mobile phone numbers. Marketing and IT departments of companies use them to promote their products or services to their current or potential customers. SMS marketing allows the transmission of messages (SMS mass mailing or SMS push), as well the receiving incoming messages (SMS Premium, pull SMS).

SMS marketing: advantages for companies

Companies can benefit from the power of SMS messages by communicating with their current or potential customers and achieve different purposes, generate more revenue, distribute information of interest, personalized reminders...

By SMS marketing your company can communicate with its clients or users to inform them of urgent news simultaneously and instantaneously. The information is circulated to all recipients at the same time that it is sent. The speed messages are prepared and broadcasted to thousands of recipients enables companies to device ingenious marketing campaigns to achieve their goals.

Interactive Marketing or premium SMS activities as a means for companies to know the opinion, interests etc. of its target audience. Marketing with cellular phones allows a two-way communications with our customers, issuing and receiving messages.

Shares of SMS as a means of obtaining revenue for the company. The premium SMS partially affects your company's income generated by the messages sent by the users. Communication and media companies have found an economic money-spinner in SMS messages.

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Database of mobile phone numbers

In SMS marketing campaigns your company's own database of mobile phone numbers of current or potential customers can be used as well as external sales lists of individuals, professionals and companies throughout Spain. These lists of mobile phone numbers allow companies like yours to contact a great number of about five million people through SMS message in Spain and segment it by socio-demographic criteria, for example a person's age, sex, place of residence etc.

SMS messages in a marketing campaign via internet and direct marketing

SMS marketing campaigns can be conducted independently to other concrete marketing activities. However, companies that are used to make a greater and better effort in marketing usually incorporate their mobile phone campaigns in other direct and interactive marketing activities. The combination of multi-channel direct marketing (SMS marketing, e-mail marketing, fax marketing, telemarketing, postal mailing...) including marketing on the internet and offline marketing generates a greater recall compared to the use of only one medium. Ask us how to integrate your SMS marketing campaign into the rest of your internet marketing activities and direct marketing to accomplish your sales targets.

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