Online Marketing

Was ist Online Marketing?

We at Comunica Marketing are specialists for online marketing campaigns and therefore know, how to generate more qualified traffic and conduct it directly to your website. For being able to do this, we work with a net of websites, where your online advertisements (banner, pop ups,…) are published. We register in the main search engines and we plan and improve your actions of marketings CPC (coste por clic), in main search machines and CPM in internet portals.

We plan online marketing campaigns and benchmarketing, selecting internet sites, where our ads are shown and which users visited/saw our publicity in the Internet. For example, we launch online marketing campaigns for companies, which offer their products and services, which they comercialize all over Spain, as well as in the small regions. In general these services are addressed to the public, as well as to specific target groups.

Trust your online campaign in Comunica Marketing for getting the best results of traffic to your website, ROI (return on investment).

Advantages online marketing

You can generate traffic with visits of the right people interested in our products or services and direct potential customers to your website.

Ease and comprehensive control over the results of Internet marketing campaigns through very precise metrics.

The existence of several payment models (e. g. CPP, CPM, PPL, PPS) some of them directly related to the target achievement of sales, traffic etc.

Internet advertising (Internet Site, affiliate networks, email marketing etc.) significantly increases the visibility of your online presence.

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Marekting online versus offline

Marketing on the Internet generates a significant improvement of traditional advertising campaigns. Related studies show that the accumulated scope of television campaigns, that normally get through to 41% of the target group, is increased up to 63% by including the public that only exposed to online advertising.

Moreover, online advertising and direct marketing significantly ncreases the effectiveness of commercials on TV, in print media and radio. The memory of brand equity falls to 27% after a television campaign, while the inclusion of the Internet in the media mix elevates the reminiscence of brands up to 45%.

In addition, one of the advantages of online advertising lies in the ability of the medium to convey positive perceptions of the brands (fashion, innovation etc.), which helps to build the brand image. Online advertising works very effective in combination with other media, especially with radio and print media.