SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, focuses on implementing a number of specialized techniques, so that search engines interpret our website correctly and move it up higher in the rank of search results for certain key words. Usually, after optimizing the website it ranks among the top natural results of the main search engines (Google, Yahoo etc) attracting lots of visitors.


Natural SEO, and generally any improvement of the ranking of our website within the natural search results of Google, Yahoo or other search engines, has many advantages over other alternatives that aiming to direct traffic to your website:

- Without heavy investments, it directs qualified traffic to your website, which means that more people looking for products or services offered by our company see your website

- It increases accessibility to your company: all those who search for you, either by company name or by the goods or services, may find you at any time. Even those not knowing us, are looking for your products may easily us.

- It increases the visibility of our website within the sector of activity in which we are engaged: All persons interested in the sector we are working in and searching the internet, rather see your website than that of your competitors. This way your company will become better known within the industry.

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Why should you trust Comunica Marketing in positioning your website?

The fundamental difference to other SEO companies is that we are very involved in achieving visible results, so that your investment in SEO pays off in short term.

The process of SEO requires highly technical knowledge and expertise so that those visitors directed to your website by search engines have the affinity to buy your products. Moreover, quality, design and navigability of your website must correspond to your company's requested image.

Comunica Marketing has a proven procedure for positioning your website in search engines, establishing metrics that allow us to monitor the gradual progress of optimization. The procedure includes the following steps among others:

- Critical analysis of the current situation of your website - Technical development of the positioning - Registration in major search engines - Linking in the Internet - Advertising tactic - Monitoring results and maintenance

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