Telemarketing service is one of the methods of direct marketing, in which an operator contacts systematically current or potential customers by telephone in order to market products or services. It usually derives best sales ratios and return on investment in comparison with other media or marketing channels.

Telephone marketing is one component of marketing strategy, along with the remaining marketing mix actions.

Engage our telephone marketing team to make appointments for your sales force, sell products or services, confirm attendance at an event, update your database, conduct surveys, any type of phone sales, regain inactive customers, new-client-prospecting, follow-ups after etc. Make use of telemarketing exclusively or benefit from combinations with other direct marketing channels (faxing, email maketing, SMS marketing mailing) or online marketing.

Uses of telemarketing

It is a direct sales channel for products and services of your company. Companies in the financial sector (banks, savings banks etc.) stand out as beneficiaries of telemarketing as they are almost always featured with an internal telemarketing department, a call center, which employs hundreds of people issuing or receiving thousands of phone calls every day with different direct sales targets.

Market research firms use telemarketing to fill n questionnaires on a product, service, brand or on company.

NGOs associations or political parties use telemarketing campaigns seeking donations and subscribers who provide financial support for a particular cause.

Companies also use telemarketing services to expand or improve their databases.

Advantages of telemarketing

Profitability of your investment: Telemarketing usually obtains the best response rates compared to other marketing actions.

The effectiveness in terms of the telemarketing audience is very high and the response is immediate.

Personalized contact: Each customer or potential receives an individual call and personal attention in telemarketing, which allows us to adjust the message to the response or degree of knowledge of our product, service or our company that demonstrates our interlocutor. Thus, we contribute to customer loyalty, as they will have the feeling of being served personally.

Exhaustive control of costs and online results of telemarketing allows us to know the progress to optimize our campaign. However, in general, the aim is to make more calls of high value.

Segmentation of databases allows us to single out potential or signed customers by a number of criteria (age, family status, socio-economic or cultural level, place of residence, purchase history ...) and classify them into different profiles to find those that are more likely to buy our product or service.

Easy access to databases: Whether of clients, purchased from database companies or obtained from telephone directories, the National Institute of Statistics, or public or private professional guides, catalogues of trade fairs etc.

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Why should you choose Comunica Marketing for your telemarketing actions?

The mission of Comunica Marketing, a company specialized in telemarketing, direct marketing and online marketing offers our customers quality service at very competitive prices. Moreover, by working with us you obtain access to various other advantages.

In addition to using your own customer database, the marketing telephonic service and direct marketing (email marketing, fax marketing, SMS marketing, mailing etc.) of Comunica Marketing offers you an entire database of individuals, professionals and companies, which allows segmentations by various criteria (like activity, location etc.) to find its target audience.

Qualified staff: Our team is experienced in issuing or receiving telephone calls to represent a professional image of your company and achieve best results in your telemarketing campaign.

We have a modern computer system optimizing the process in each of your telephone marketing campaign.

Our service charge is very competitive and coupled with the highest quality.

Marketing campaigns on the Internet and multicanal direct marketing

In multichannel direct marketing there exist a number of channels such as telemarketing, email marketing and fax marketing. In combination with an online marketing campaign these activities can increase the impact of your marketing effort and remain significantly in the memories of your customers. Let us develop an appropriate mix of direct marketing channels together: SMS marketing, email marketing, faxing, telemarketing, mailing etc., and online marketing to achieve best results in your B2B or B2C marketing campaign.

When telemarketing is combined with other direct marketing actions (mailing, faxing, e-mail marketing and so on) the effectiveness of direct publicity is multiplied up to seven times as to obtaining answers.