Web Design and Development: FAQs

• What is a web page?

• What is a web site?

• What is a domain?

What is a web page?

Web design for companies. Web p ages are text files that contain an interpretable code by browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, Opera, etc. ). This code orders how to display the data on screen.

Web pages are files with the according file extension .asp or .aspl (as well as text documents have the file extention .txt). Sequentially, a page can be called mypage.asp and when the browser reads this file it interprets the written code in it, and shows the results on the screen.

While you browse a site, you can observe how in the address bar of your browser appear filenames ending with .aspl. Sometimes you find that there aren't any filenames or you see files with different extensions (.asp, .php, .htm etc.), or you find things like cgi-bin/buscar = "text". These files and commands indicate another way to create web pages, with a more advanced language.

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What is a web site?

A web site is a set of linked webpages that display different parts of the entire site. A site is created by a web design company.

In general, sites can display companies, services, information, education, technology, etc. Sites on a individuals called are often home pages.

Typically, sites have a similar structure, which should serve users to easily find what they are searching for, or to understand how the links on the pages work, among other things.

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What is a domain?

A domain is the name that is assigned to a computer a as its address. All computers connected to the Internet are assigned a unique address, called IP address. An IP is a series of numbers separated by periods, such as: Each part of this address can be any number from 0 to 255 (one byte).

A site has an IP address, that we use to connect us to a browser. For example, if you entered you be remited to www.yahoo.com. But imagine if we had to remember addresses like that... it would be too complicated! In order to easily find and memorize sites DNS was created (Domains Names Servers) responsible for "translating" the names of sites into IP addresses. For example, if you enter apple.com in your browser, DNS searchs its IP address database for that name and you connects with the site.

But where is the site? The place of the files that compose a site can be in any personal computer with a server connected to the Internet. There are companies that offer hosting service, which is space for a website. A site actually is in a computer, which has a determined place for that site within its directory. It's like in your computer, it's as if following a directory C:\mycomputer\www\mysite.com\files, where "files" represent all the documents that make up the site.

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